About Us

“Every man, even the most wise, needs an advice of a sensible friend. Plato”

Since 1996 we have helped our clients launch successful companies serving the electronics, software and automotive industry. Our clients rely on our expertise in operational management to give them the competitive advantage in their market segment. Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Development Outsourcing, Customer service, PDP And Succession Planning, Financial Budgeting, Research, Technology Benchmarking and change management are only a few of the core competencies we offer.

  • Due Diligence on Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Risk & Liability Management
  • Return On Investment Benchmarking
  • Organizational Cultural Shift & Change Management
  • Human Resources and HRIS implementation
  • Sales & Marketing Campaigns Strategies
  • Employee Value and Ethics Training
  • Customer Service and Expectation Excellence
  • Employee Team Work and Moral Building
  • Win/Loss Sales Statistics and Baseline
  • Stress Management & Conflict Avoidance
  • TQM Standards Benchmarking & Education
  • Leadership & Mentoring Development Of Senior Executives
  • Vertical Management & Horizontal Team Configuration
  • Professional Development Plan & 360 Feedback
  • Investment Shelter & TAX-FREE Zoning Methodology
  • Staffing Recruitment, Ranking, Development & Succession Planning

Our ability to form partnerships and establish join ventures with industry leaders bring the technical, sales and operational aspects together under one organization is what sets us apart from other consulting companies. XLOO’s hands on approach keeps us connected and involved with our clients through every step of the way.

An experienced team with a proven track record, passionate and determined to win make XLOO a secure and effective company to use for your next engagement when expanding in North America or diversification overseas.

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