Вeveloped Google Adwords connectivity module

2011 – XLOO developed the Google Adwords connectivity module for inventory deployment utilizing the Google API.

Xloo connectivity to FaceBook Apps

2010 – XLOO connectivity to FaceBook Apps offering infinite opportunities for its clients to advertise and promote their inventory of items on the world’s largest Social Networking Channel.

Partnership with the aerospace industry

2010 – XLOO embarks on mobile apps development for the Aerospace industry.

Xloo expands offices in Eastern Europe

2009 – XLOO expands offices in Eastern Europe in support of Mobile Apps supporting the Android and IPhone Apps for customized development and technical support services.

XLOO opens SEO And SEM division

2008 – XLOO opens SEO And SEM division in support of WEB based marketing and sales.

Partnership with leading online listing services

2007 – XLOO facilitates the partnership with leading online listing services such as GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, EBAY, AUTOTRADER, CARS.COM, Kelly Blue Book, BlackBook, CARFAX, AutoCheck, NADA in deploying DMS data exchange agreement.

Merger of leading partners IMS and DFI

2006 – XLOO manages merger of leading IMS and DFI partners for fusion with DMS in offering full solution to the Automotive Dealers.

Сollaboration with a leading provider of automotive software solutions

2006 – XLOO partners with leading Automotive software solutions provider in support of Dealer Management Software Solutions for the North American Market.

Creation of development centers in Eastern Europe

2004 – XLOO partners with USA entities in establishing development centers in Easter Europe.

US XLOO headquarters open

2000 – XLOO USA headquarters is opened servicing the electronics manufacturing and software development markets.

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