Investments in North America And Foreign Countries

Often we come across opportunities where a company is ripe for expansion but does not have the capital to do so. These firms range from software, distribution, manufacturing, logistics, HR acquisition, Import/Export or Asset management.

The difficult question to build, acquire or outsource often stomps the actual progress before it even getting started. Our comprehensive due diligence reassures our clients the security to move forward with confidence as we assist with the decision every step of the way. We utilize the same technique each time we expand our outreach. We would do no less for our clients than we would for our business.

What can you expect from XLOO?

Establishing Client Goals and Expectations. A comprehensive interview to precisely establish our clients needs, objectives and expectations. At this critical stage we establish scope which later navigates future activities. Our project management tools (Task Management System aka TMS) documents and assigns tasks to responsible parties on the project team.

Preparation of Business Plan and Its Milestones
With a list of over sixty top level and three hundred detailed questions we step our clients through the financial and operational milestones required in achieving the desired objective. Knowing well that no business plan is solid we guide our clients with contingencies and alternative plans to meet the final target in the stated time. “MEET CLIENT OBJECTIVES ON TIME” is our priority as the facilitator of your investments.

Return On Investment – ROI
Our experts will provide in depth analysis on whether an investment will be profitable and establish the BEP. Initial capital investment, fixed and variable costs, budgetary project units, taxes, social structure, depreciation, inflation, market adjustments and unseen expenses will all be considered to identify the overall cost saving or cost avoidance early on in the process.

Establishing Baseline and Benchmarking
How do you know your investment will be successful? How do you know you will be competitive when you go to market? Establishing a baseline and continuously measuring your progress is half the challenge, the other half is benchmarking your competitors and the market to ensure you investment will yield the expected results


Cooperating with XLOO INC we make it easier for your companies to enter new markets. Please send a question – what sort of information do You need, what activities do You want to start and on which market.

  • Business Development
  • Sourcing Suppliers
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Lead Generations

We put you in touch with certified suppliers, qualified customers, approved agents that accelarate your growth and put your business on the map. We make it easier to find solid suppliers/consumers of your products.

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