Management Consulting

As a full Turn-Key service provider we oversee the progress from concept to sales. Management Consulting is accountability and ownership. Our years of experience in various industries assures cost effective management and delivering the expected result.

The starting point – A process called Portfolio Value Mapping – identifies a company’s current business designs, and looks at their future potential. Once the portfolio value map is drawn, we help clients develop their own business design “playbook” – a guide to where the businesses are and where they should go next.

Compiling strategy of development (strategic consulting) – Creation of an individual development strategy decides on success on market. Using experience and knowledge and methodology we help to create and introduce a strategy of the company that enables to succeed on market. Marking a strategic aim of the company, building or re-designing an organizational structure, ways of development, introducing changes – these are examples of led activities.

  • Business Design Innovation. What business model – traditional or digital – will capture the next wave of value growth in my industry?
  • Customer and Brand Strategy. How do I solidify my position with the most desirable customers?
  • Operational Breakthrough. How can I maximize the profit my business captures?
  • Organizational Transformation. How do I move my business from today’s model to tomorrow’s?
  • Portfolio Redesign. Where are my best value growth opportunities?

Business Design Innovation – Having a better mousetrap is no longer a guarantee of success. Why? Because customers frequently trade off quality and innovation for other factors: the solution wrapped around a product, the convenience and security provided by standards, or the prestige of a brand. Business success today requires a new mind set. We call it the discipline of business design. It demands that every company ask itself six simple questions:

  • Which customers do we want to serve and what value will we offer them?
  • How do we capture our fair share of the value we create for these customers?
  • What activities must we do ourselves and which can we outsource?
  • How do we protect our profits from customers and competitors?
  • What organizational systems are required to ensure that we stick to our strategy and execute it well?
  • And finally, how can digital technology improve our value propositions and enhance our operations?

Customer and Brand Strategy – Some things never change: to grow shareholder value for investors, you must first create value for customers. We call this Customer Value Growth, and never has it been as challenging and critical as it is today. Our work for clients is unequalled. It focuses on the four key elements of a Customer Value Growth system: targeting the right customers, presenting a compelling proposition through offer design and strategic pricing, cutting through the clutter with an effective brand strategy, and delivering a consistent, integrated customer experience.

Using Strategic Choice Analysis® (SCA™) methodology, a form of discrete choice modeling, Mercer helps clients assess the demand for new products and services, the impact of changes in features and price, the impact of new offerings on demand, and the true value of a brand.

Operational Breakthrough – It’s not enough to have a great business design. Moving to the profit zone requires breakthrough operational performance as well. And with the “half-life” of business designs shortening, small differences in operations can have a huge impact on the return a firm earns on its business design investment. Our experience suggests the best operational strategies are informed by a rich understanding of customers. This insight enables a management team to differentiate between critical investments and expendable costs.

Organizational Transformation – Organization is what stands between a winning strategy and its realization. As a result, having an organization with the flexibility and adaptability to rapidly transform an evolving strategic vision into concrete and appropriate action is a powerful competitive advantage. We work with clients along a number of dimensions:

  • Strategy/Organization Fit
  • Organizational Architecture
  • Merger Integration and Spin-Outs

Portfolio Redesign – Traditional financial or synergy approaches to portfolio strategy are no longer adequate for the complexity of today’s multi-business corporations. Companies spanning multiple product and service markets, value chains, and geographies face a unique challenge. The imperative for senior managers running a multi-unit company is twofold:

  • Optimizing the businesses you already have and want to keep.
  • Identifying and building the best new businesses for the future, sooner than your competitors.

Our approach to assisting our clients to achieve these objectives is unique.

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