Sales is a highly visible function with no room for mediocrity, yet most companies know surprisingly little about the unique blend of behavior and motivation that creates success.

XLOO’s Sales Performance Assessment™ (SPA) methodology has proved dramatically effective in helping develop sales behaviors — and boost sales results — for organizations around the world.

Our research on sales performance indicates there is no one “right” way to sell. We’ve found that top sales performers differ depending on their industry, company, geography, and role. While sales performance is highly influenced by external factors, our model of 24 sales practices, unique questionnaire design, and extensive database and language offerings provide insight into individual sales performers and collective sales forces.

Independently or in combination with other XLOO offerings, Sales Performance Assessment™ products will help you:

  • Identify specific behaviors and practices needed to achieve your organization’s sales goals
  • Set expectations for sales behaviors that are clear and consistent
  • Build accountability into the sales development process
  • Create selection criteria that help predict the success of sales job candidates
  • Develop reward and recognition programs that improve retention

We remove sales obstacles, minimizing barriers of market entry. Selling a product or selling a service maybe similar on paper but they are inherently different when it comes to understanding the sales channel and require different talent to generate sale. We effectively close the gap and the physical distance between the production facility / development centers and the customer.

  • Sales & Marketing Campaign
  • Hunting & Farming Strategies
  • Setting Sales Targets & Incentive
  • Contract generation & Execution
  • Legal Review & Performance Analysis
  • Warranty Agreement Review
  • Outbound Telemarketing & Call Center
  • Account Executive Training
  • Customer Support Training
  • CRM Solutions Selections & Implementation
  • Sales Matrix Benchmarking

Quality and serviceability of the customer is directly represented by the account executives ability to manage customer expectations.

Sales Department

We have successfully initilized sales offices for clients in the automotive and software industry. Requiring a unique approach in gathering sales information presenting the competative advantage.

  • Establishing market size and sales potential
  • Identify competitors
  • Determine product and services advantages
  • Research and setup contact managers database

We will conduct competative market analysis on your product or services in establishing the effectiveness of your sales potentials. Hiring and mentoring of sales staff is of the most critical function we offer to our clients. Lead generations by advertizing in the active media, internet or participating in tradeshow to rapidly establish market presence and name recognition.

We help our clients focus on the critical activity by taking the difficult tasks and running with it. Then gradually we train and migrate the functionality to the clients newly established sales team.

Either way as a client of XLOO you are the winner.

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